How to sell

Selling in Giantbelly is very easy and something anyone can do. Follow the following tips to increase your chances of getting your item sold even faster.

  1. Account

    Click on post ad on the menu to log in or create account to be able to post ad

  2. Put a good price

    Posting the right prices make your item sold faster.
    Do a price survey on a similar item you want to sell and decide a competitive price for your item

  3. Take nice pictures

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Take several pictures from different angles.
    Ads with multiple photos get more visitors.
    Take clear image pictures in bright light.

  4. Title and ad description

    Item and ad description says a lot about your goods.
    Describe item using simple and short grammar.
    Think about what you would need to know if it was you who would buy.

  5. Contact information

    Most buyers prefer calling or sending sms (text message) for immediate respond.
    Put a telephone number they can easily reach you.
    Respond fast to make the deal happen.
    Write appropriate time to reach you if you may be busy.
    Choose safe meeting place and time to make a buyer feel safe.

Post ad

Good luck with the sale!

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