Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can post ad/advertise on giantbelly?

Whether you are a individual or an entrepreneur/company you can post ad or advertise on giantbelly.

Do i need a license to post ad / open store?

You don’t need to have a license to do that, all you need is to be 18 years of age or above, and have a Giantbelly account which you can create free of charge in 2 minutes.

Where is my ad?

The most common reason for not finding your ad is that it is not yet published yet.
All ads, renewals and changes are reviewed manually before they are posted on the page which can take up to two hours. If you posted your ad after business hours, the ad will not be reviewed and published until the next morning. Other reasons why you cannot find your ad could be that you miss something when you search for your ad.

Why was my ad disapproved?

To ensure a high quality, Giantbelly examines all ads manually to ensure they abide by our rules. If your ad is disapproved, you can easily fix it by following the instructions in the email you received, which states why your ad was disapproved. For example ads may be miscategorized or need to be split into multiple ads. This action is done to the categorization will be as accurate as possible, which in turn makes it easier for the buyer to find your ad and you sold your lot faster. We have collected most of our rules in our rule page.

How do I change or remove my ad?

Log into your account, you will see the listings of all your ads. Click “Edit This Ad” to modify the ad or “Delete this Ad” to completely delete the ad. It may take 15 minutes before the change is displayed on the site.

How long will my ad be valid?

Unless noted otherwise when you are posting the ad, ads are active for 60 days from the day you posted the ad. But ads are renewable after then.

I get dodgy e-mails or text messages from someone, what should I do?

Beware of unscrupulous offers! These are sent via email or SMS with the purpose to defraud people of money or goods. If a buyer wants to have the goods sent somewhere then you should be paying attention. Visit our shop Safety page to learn more and get tips on how to recognize a scam e-mails / SMS.

Where can I advertise my services?

We accept ads for services offered ONLY under "services offered." You are welcome to advertise your services there. Services ads submitted to categories outside of "services offered" are subject to removal and other remedial steps

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